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Dell Camp Furbish 🏕️

An experience designed to educate Dell Technologies World Conference attendees about Dell's sustainability efforts.

Background Information

Role: Interaction Designer
Software Used:
 Figma, 8th Wall AR

During my Fall 2022 semester at UT Austin, Dell was the client for my Experimental Storytelling course in association with the Texas Immersive Institute.

Each year, Dell hosts Dell Technologies World, a conference where tech enthusiasts from around the globe visit to see and hear about Dell's latest-and-greatest innovations. At the conference, attendees attend keynotes, participate in interactive hans-on labs and demos, and network with industry peers and professionals.

The Creative Brief

Dell's primary goal for working with our program was to reimagine the ways that they communicate their sustainability efforts to create broader awareness and inspire others to act.


They wanted to tell their story through a two-part experience with an in-person component as well as a virtual component to the experience. The in-person portion of the experience would be an activation at their annual Dell Technologies World conference in Las Vegas.

Experience Objectives:

1. How can we highlight Dell’s commitment to sustainability in a memorable, interactive, and engaging way, while also further educating DTW attendees on the importance of sustainability?

2. How do we inspire the audience to incorporate sustainable activities and practices into their own 
lives and communities in an ongoing way?

3. How can we increase brand affinity/love for Dell?

4. How do we encourage audiences to share what they learned with others?

Target Audience

Primary Target Audience:


DTW Conference Attendees (Customers, Partners, Vendors, Media, and Industry Analysts)
Demographics: 80% hand-on technologists / 20% executives (C-level)
Motivation and Intention: These people are already familiar with and interested in Dell Technologies. They are eager to learn more about Dell's company, products/solutions, and our sustainability efforts.

Secondary Target Audience:

Dell Technologies team members (165,000 employees globally)
Motivation and Intention: Dell employees always want to learn. Dell works hard to be a sustainable brand yet, unfortunately, a lot of employees are unaware of Dell's large, impressive environmental
efforts. This experience should serve to educate and inspire team members so they can represent the brand with pride.

Audience Value Model

After evaluating our audience further, our team created a value map to dive further into the wants, needs, motivations, and intentions of the audience and their experience at Dell Technologies World Conference.

We found that conference attendees are extremely busy in this hectic conference environment and that there is an information overload with keynotes, sessions, and other brand activations throughout the space. Evaluating the audience further, we found that these individuals are passionate learners and want to champion the Dell brand which is one of their main purposes for being at the conference.

Our primary goal was to educate and inspire people from all over to make changes that push our society towards a more sustainable future.


Over the span of the final two weeks for the project I helped prototype an AR application using 8thWall to demonstrate the look and feel for the AR portion of our experience. I also assisted in the creation of a mobile application prototype in Figma for conference attendees where the AR component would be hosted at the experience, and where participants can learn more about the various interactions throughout Camp Furbish. QR Codes for the Prototypes can be found in the content bible below.

Experience Content Bible

Final Presentation

After a series of pitches and workshops with Dell, our group got the opportunity to give our final presentation directly to Dell with several Dell VP's and other team members in attendance. 

Team Credits

Lucas Hood: Creative Director

Miu Nakata: Writer

Hingis Chang: Multimedia Designer

Wendy Chuang: Developer

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