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Kendra Scott


Role: Project Management Lead

As part of my Media Management course, I worked on a project with Kendra Scott as the client. The goal was to create  a full-scale media campaign and budget with the goal of targeting Gen Z consumers to increase Kendra Scott's influence within this target market.

As Project Management Lead, I led a team of 5 to identify KPIs to create a campaign that increases brand awareness and affinity among Gen Z consumers. I oversaw research efforts, project deadlines, task delegation and project roadmaps. 



Role: Creative Strategist

I worked as a Creative Strategist for a cross functional team to create and execute an integrated marketing campaign for Acura’s ILX car model. Garnered a million gross impressions on a limited $2,000 budget, generated added value of over $5,000, a 600% increase in awareness, and a 550% increase in purchase consideration among the target market.

Out of 40+ Universities around the country, our campaign was selected as one of three finalist campaigns. I was selected as one of five students to travel to Acura's headquarters in Torrance, California to present our campaign to a panel of judges which included Vice Presidents and other high ranking employees from Acura's parent company, Honda. After presenting, our campaign was selected as the winner of the national competition.


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