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Dell Camp Furbish 🏕️

An in person and virtual experience designed to educate Dell Technologies World Conference attendees about Dell's sustainability efforts.

Project Overview 📝

In my Experimental Storytelling course, Dell partnered with our class to create an experience for their Dell Technologies World conference. Dell wanted us to craft an interactive experience that could be enjoyed by in person conference attendees in Las Vegas, as well as those joining the conference virtually.

The Problem 🤔

Dell's primary goal for the experience was to reimagine the ways that they communicate their sustainability efforts to create broader awareness and inspire others to act. We needed to craft the experience so that conference visitors with varying levels of engagement could enjoy the experience and to present educational material in a simple and approachable way.

 Experience Objectives: 

1. How can we highlight Dell's commitment to sustainability  in a memorable, interactive, and engaging way  , while also further educating DTW attendees on the importance of sustainability?

2. How do we inspire the audience to  
incorporate sustainable activities and practices into their own lives  and communities in an ongoing way?

3. How can we  
increase brand affinity/love  for Dell?

4. How do we encourage audiences to  
share what they learned  with others?

My Role/Responsibilities 👨🏼‍💻

Role: Interaction Design Lead


I operated as the Interaction Design lead for this project. I led efforts to craft approachable and educational interaction touchpoints which fit the branding of our experience and the affordances of the technology we were leveraging. I ideated and developed each interaction build on research provided by Dell as well as research conducted within our team. I created the user experience flows for both the virtual and physical experience and led affinity mapping workshop sessions.


In the later stages of the project, I collaborated with our team's developer to create a prototype for our mobile application in Figma. Furthermore, I led efforts to prototype a augmented reality experience using 8th Wall in the span of two weeks.

Audience Profile 🧐

Primary Target Audience:


DTW Conference Attendees (Customers, Partners, Vendors, Media, and Industry Analysts)
Demographics: 80% hand-on technologists / 20% executives (C-level)
Motivation and Intention: These people are already familiar with and interested in Dell Technologies. They are eager to learn more about Dell's company, products/solutions, and our sustainability efforts.

Secondary Target Audience:

Dell Technologies team members (165,000 employees globally)
Motivation and Intention: Dell employees always want to learn. Dell works hard to be a sustainable brand yet, unfortunately, a lot of employees are unaware of Dell's large, impressive environmental
efforts. This experience should serve to educate and inspire team members so they can represent the brand with pride.

I crafted an audience value proposition map to showcase our audience in more detail.


Dell Technologies World Conference Attendees...

  1. Are extremely busy with sessions while at the conference

  2. Experience information overload with keynotes, sessions, workshops, and networking

  3. Are passionate learners and want to champion the Dell brand

Prototypes 🤳🏻

Over the span of the final two weeks of the project, I collaborated on the design for a mobile application where our virtual experience would reside. Furthermore, our augmented reality experience would live in this space where in person and virtual conference attendees can engage with a gamified fishing experience in AR to learn more about collecting ocean plastics.

I developed the AR prototype and collaborated on 3D modeling for the prototype over the span of 2 weeks. Both prototypes were created to give an idea of what our final experience would look like.

Our team's initial content bible that we pitched to Dell.

Our team's final content bible that we pitched to Dell.

Team Credits

Lucas Hood: Creative Director

Miu Nakata: Writer

Hingis Chang: Multimedia Designer

Wendy Chuang: Developer

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