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Facility Insite

A project I worked on in conjuncture with Owner Insite to redesign the company's facility management and capital planning software.

Role: Product Manager
Project Status: Complete


The Problem

Facility Insite is the facility management and bond planning software application that is apart of Owner Insite's suite of software offerings.


There was low volume of usage and low adoption among current clients and prospective clients. Even with those currently paying for the platform, there was a distinct underutilization of all of the features and capabilities of the platform. In order to justify expensive development maintenance, the platform needed to increase its user base among new clients and among active users among those already paying for the platform.

Starting Off

Approaching a potential repositioning or redesign of the platform, I began interviewing several current users of the Facility Insite platform. I organized some remote Zoom calls and had an informational interview with key stakeholders.

Through my questioning, I sought to uncover some key insights about what users liked, disliked, and would change about the platform. I was successfully able to interview 4 current clients.

The Insight

The platform's lack of modern design and an intuitive interface, increases the cognitive load for users, thus creating an environment that requires a steep learning curve for usage. 


The Process

Our team decided to enlist the support of an outsourced UX/UI Designer. Myself, alongside our team's Project Director, guided the UX/UI Designer sorting through experience flows, interaction designs, and design aesthetic.

I have been the primary point of contact with the UX/UI designer, facilitating and overseeing the project meetings and also establishing the overall product roadmap for the redesign project.


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