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Confidence Score Survey 💻

A survey for school leaders to determine their level of confidence for construction projects and overall risk mitigation for their school district and project team.

Background Information

Role: UX Designer + Project Manager
Software Used: Figma

Owner Insite primarily targets school districts for utilizing its construction project management software. School districts consistently utilize bond money to carry out large scale construction and renovation projects. Consequently, school leaders often lack construction knowledge.

This leaves plenty of space for school districts to be taken advantage of by contractors and architects while working on projects. As a result, this can lead to delayed project timelines, budget overruns, or even costly litigation that can last years.

The Solution

Our team decided to create a survey which allows school district leaders to effectively assess where their level of confidence is for a number of factors: financial health, project documentation, construction contracts, and risk mitigation.

The survey is designed to yield a "confidence score" for financial and legal factors as well as construction and facility factors.

I designed an  initial mockup  of the survey utilizing Figma to demonstrate the look and feel that our team desired for the finished product. Furthermore, I served as the Project Manager for the project, as I was tasked to outsource the development of the survey on a website. Utilizing Upwork, I oversaw the hiring process. After hiring a qualified frontend developer, I closely managed the project timeline and all project communication with the outsourced hire.

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