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Confidence Score Survey 💻

A survey for school leaders to determine their level of confidence for construction projects and overall risk mitigation for their school district and project team.

Project Overview 📝

School districts often are taken advantage of by architects and contractors while carrying out construction projects. As a result, school districts have delayed project timelines, budget overruns, and potentially costly litigation if projects go in the wrong direction. Oftentimes, school leaders don't have much understanding about the significant risks that their school district faces.

Our team sought to create a unique web-based survey which allows school leaders to gauge their district's "confidence score" for risk mitigation based on a number of factors such as financial health, project documentation, construction contracts, and risk mitigation.

My Role/Responsibilities 👨🏼‍💻

Role: Project Manager and UX Designer


I operated as the Project Manager and UX Designer for this project. I participated in a call where we chatted with several school leaders to brainstorm questions that we could pose on a confidence survey. We validated our idea with current and former school district leaders.

I was responsible for crafting the user flows for the experience and strategizing the design. I designed a high fidelity prototype of the web-based experience utilizing Figma. After designing the prototype, I oversaw the hiring process for a web developer. I interviewed 10 respondents to our project proposal and managed the selection process. After hiring a developer, I converted into the Project Manager for the website, overseeing the project's timeline, budget, communication, and task delegation for the site. I closely worked with the developer to create the interactive web experience.

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